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  • Video Editing Masterclass

Video Editing Masterclass


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Understand ideal video file Creation, Management and Preparation

Learn to properly plan your video projects and how to commence them with an ultimate outcome

  • Utilise your shots the best way possible and enhance them through a variety of techniques 
  • Maintain progression, entice and reveal, create emotions of all types
  • Learn importance of music and timing
  • Maximize your viewers attention
  • Tell a story, as an editor you’re in total control

Learn to arrange and present your elements of media effectively to convey information, stories, ideas and feelings. Present video content to your audience they’ll enjoy watching, share and come back for more.

With a better understanding of Editing, you’ll learn to mindfully shoot with intent. Learn to ideally prepare for your time in the edit.

With a one-to-one Editing Tutorial from Danny Harris, you’ll be able to skilfully organise your content into a format that has the feeling of leading somewhere, by having structure and an ideal outcome.

Buy online now for yourself or for somebody you think would benefit from taking the next step in their Video Production journey. Redeemable in-store or remotely via Skype. 

Once payment is received you will be contacted directly in order to arrange an ideal time for us to get started.

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