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Learn GoPro

Purchased a GoPro?

Have you purchased a GoPro recently, received one as a gift or plan to buy one soon? The quality of photos and video produced from your GoPro are a direct result of settings and technique.  Your camera is an incredibly capable tool, but we must remember, your knowledge is key to achieving results you will be proud to share. 


We're here to help you

We provide extensive training to hundreds of GoPro owners, from first time users to professionals. Watching countless YouTube videos will overwhelm most new users. Our training is adapted to your unique use of GoPro.  We aim to provide the key aspects of getting the most from your camera today. It is through understanding that we truly become confident GoPro users. If you're reading this, then your in the best place to invest in GoPro and your photography and video skills.


What settings do you use?

Our blog covers the best settings for different uses, and we will soon provide our readers with a downloadable pdf that you can print out at home and carry with you.  Outlining the go to settings for three distinct users.  But for now, please do enjoy our getting started knowledge below.

GoPro 101

 Most users benefit from these simple but often overlooked aspect of shooting GoPro.

  • A great tip for remembering which of the three buttons does what, is to think of them as you think of your computer keyboard.  The top button is the enter button, it confirms a setting or scrolls through options for that setting. This is the shutter button, which starts and stops video capture and capture still images. Now think of the front button as the down arrow on your keyboard, press it to navigate down a list of settings, moving from one setting to the next.  And finally my favourite, the side button (HERO4 only) which is your escape button.  Anytime your in a menu or screen you want to exit, then just press this button on the side of the camera several times until it returns to a capture mode.

  • Keep you camera and housing lens clean, by using a lint free cloth you would clean you best sunglasses with.  Before you wipe the cameras lens clean, blow off any dust or sand that may scratch it while cleaning.  The flat glass lens on the housing should be clear when held up to the light. Such a simple process but probably the most overlooked aspect of achieving sharp images and crisp video.

  • To avoid water droplets ruining your shots, lick the front of the housing and dip in water to keep a wet lens.  This keeps a thin layer of water over the front glass port, providing a much sharper shot than a lens that forms water droplets.

  • Use your car or home air conditioning to fill the housing with cool dry air before use, avoiding fogging occurring when you take the GoPro into water. Alternatively, use the GoPro anti fog inserts taking great care not to catch them in the rubber seal

  • Turn on quick capture in the settings [Tool Symbol > Rabbit Symbol] menu to allow for one button performance.  This allows the camera to turn on and start shooting video with one press of the top button.  Another press stops video recording, saves file and turns off.  Great for quick response, and huge battery savings. Another feature of quick capture is fast time lapse activation, from pressing and holding the shutter button until you hear two beeps. This tip really helps new users start shooting without delay or use of any of the other buttons.


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