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"The Grill Mount is the single overall greatest camera mount of all time"

Kris Jamieson - GoPro Global Director of Education and Training


The patented multi-function Grill Mount is the sleek, ultra light GoPro hand grip, GoPro tripod, Wall Mount, Hook Mount, Clamp Mount and Mouth Mount designed by professional photographer, filmmaker and snowboard legend Ken Achenbach to live on your GoPro and fit in your pocket. It's the only mouth mount that allows you to use the Voice Control function on the GoPro Hero 5 Black and GoPro Hero 5 Session. Users, including the Director of Global Education and Training at GoPro who calls it "The Best GoPro Mount Ever" and "The Only Mount You Really Need"

 Grill Mount 2.0 The Best Mouth Mount For GoPro Just Got Even Better

Grill Mount 2.0 Upgrades From Grill Mount 1.0

We've taken all the input from our team of ambassadors to make the Grill Mount 2.0 even better than the original Grill Mount.

Virtually Indestructible Holy Carbonate Construction
Ken's been searching for two years for the perfect polycarbonate plastic to make our new parts out of. It needed to flex instead of shatter. It needed to be impervious to cold or temperature changes and most of all it had to be the most durable plastic we could find.  We couldn't find a plastic that met our specific design parameters. So we created our own. Craig Gauld our engineer worked with our plastic supplier to create Holycarbonate.  The plastic is ridiculous. After trying to break it and being unable to do so one of us exclaimed, "Holy Carbonate Batman!" And so a name and a legend was born. Holycarbonate, the strongest most durable highest quality plastic ever used for GoPro mounts and accessories.

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware
If you are like us you are so sick of looking for that damn acorn nut. So we designed our own marine grade micro t-nut to replace the acorn nut. Super smooth, and light and because it's the highest grade available of stainless steel, it will never rust. That doesn't mean you shouldn't rinse your gear when you get out of the ocean. If you don't rinse your GoPro, the GoPro bolt will rust. 

Changed Injection Point For a Stronger Part
The Grill Mount 2.0 mold had the injection point changed so that the 2.0 would be wayyyyyy stronger. Now during manufacturing, the Holycarbonate flows in only one direction - from the tip of the tines instead of splitting in two directions from the injection point on the spine in the Grill Mount 1.0. With the new injection point as the hot plastic flows through the mold, there is no seam where the plastic might meet and not bond perfectly creating a weak spot for the Grill Mount to break on.

The new injection point means there is nowhere at the thinnest part of the mount for impact stress to focus on and create a weak spot. If you are a bodyboarder that snapped a Grill Mount when you were out getting whomped, you know how great this upgrade is. Good luck breaking the 2.0. If you do manage to somehow break it, let us know, the Grill Mount 1.0 and 2.0 have a lifetime warranty.  

  • The only mouth mount that allows you to use the voice activation features of the GoPro Hero 5
  • Use as a mouth mount and shoot like the pros.
  • Heat the red EVA tabs in hot water for a custom fit.
  • Normal breathing; talking and airflow. The only mouth mount with an airway that seals completely when you go underwater.
  • Surf, skateboard, bodyboard, fish, mountain bike, BMX, climb, ride rollercoasters, SUP, jetski, kayak, canoe, and film your adventures.
  • Hold the world’s smallest, lightest handgrip multiple ways. With your hand, or hold it with just one finger. 2.4”/61mm tall and only 0.67oz/19grams.
  • Even with your GoPro attached it fits easily into pockets.
  • Used as a tripod the red feet provide grip on uneven surfaces.
  • Get instantly stable shots by hooking it over chairs, branches, fences and more. The world is your oyster and tripod.
  • Stop guessing your shot when you position your GoPro. Use Cam Perfect Positioning® for exact repeatable camera positions.
  • Get flowing butter smooth footage using your head…it’s a natural 3-axis gimbal.
  • The Grill Mount is protected by Patent 9,395,603 B2.

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